Thursday, October 29, 2009

Flesh: A Blood and Honey Tale by Melissa Glisan

Title: Flesh: A Blood and Honey Tale
Author: Melissa Glisan
Red Rose Publishing
Pub Date: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-60435-374-7
Genre: Horror
Length: 36 pages
Review:Phaedra is a disturbed young woman. In and out of institutions since adolescence, she's battled the demons in her mind with varying degrees of success. When the voices win and she hurts herself, Dr. Allen Ryder's clinic is her sanctuary. On her way to recovery, Phaedra is nearly raped. Her attacker is found with his throat ripped out, drowning in his own blood. Yet Phaedra is chained and drugged unconscious. The war within rages and Allen can't stop himself from caring more than he should, but will it be enough to save her life?
I was creeped out for three days after I read Flesh. To be fair I am a giant wimp, but there is very little romance presented in this story. It sets up for a possible romance in the future but misses the trademarks for romantic fiction. Is it good horror? Absolutely. Ms. Glisan's characters are disturbing and well developed especially for such a short picture into the ongoing story. Her bio says she loves horror and it shows in the well written story. On the romance side, I give Flesh two flames because the completed series might have more romantic tones later. The horror side of it, I'm too much of a pansy to accurately rank it, but it scared the heck out of me.

Rating: 2 flames
Heat Level: n/a
Other: graphic violence, blood
Reviewer: Steph B.

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