Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Consuming the Darkness by Sheila Stewart

Title: Consuming the Darkness
Author: Shiela Stewart
Publisher: Breathless Press
Published date: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-926771-00-7
Genre/Theme: Paranormal
Length: novel
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Synopsis-Lieutenant Sienna Storm and Detective Nathan Powers have one thing in common: they both intend to find the freak known in the media as the Heartless Killer. Sienna however does not plan to share her case with an out of town cop no matter how cute he is. She’s been hurt by cops in the past and has no intention of letting another one get close even for the sake of the case. Nathan, on the other hand, has a vested interest in the killer. He lost his partner and best friend to the demon bastard. He’s not about to walk away without a fight. He’ll just have to make himself indispensable to the hot lieutenant and hope like hell he survives the whole ordeal with his heart where it belongs.

Review- Shiela Stewart’s characters are well drawn and compelling. Though I have not read the other books in her Darkness series, I had no problem jumping into her world, and what a world. Eye candy abounds in Jacob’s Cove where vampires rule, demons work and party freely, and one human cop has to figure out how to survive in a town replete with beings he never knew existed. Lieutenant Storm is hot, stubborn, and vulnerable, and Detective Powers represents every girl’s fantasy. What guy could resist a woman in tight black leather who knows what she wants and goes after it? Too bad she isn’t so sure she wants the unbelievably hot detective. Nathan Powers is sweet and sexy – he worries about his mother without being a mama’s boy, he takes care of Sienna’s puppy without expecting favors in return, and he makes love like a dream. I look forward to finding the time to read my way through the rest of the Darkness series.

Rating: 4.5 / 5
Heat Level: Explicit
Other: none

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