Friday, September 25, 2009

The Prisoners of Gender by John Bushore

Title: The Prisoners Of Gender
Author: John Bushore
Publisher: Eternal Press
Publish date: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-926704-54-8
Genre: Erotic Paranormal
Pages 186
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Marissa is a princess born and raised, on her way to her wedding. Bardak is captain of her guards. When an evil plot leads to their caravan being overtaken and destroyed, Marissa and her maid are at the mercy of a minor wizard and his devious companions. A magic spell meant to make them pliant and willing backfires and instead of being mindless zombies, Marissa and Bardak exchange
bodies. Still hell bent on protecting the princess, even in her physically weak body, Bardak fights and schemes to keep them all alive while Marissa struggles to maintain her identity inside Bardak's masculine body.

Prisoner of Gender was a surprise. It was graphic and violent so not for those who are looking for a gentle story. There is humor in the characters finding the pitfalls of the opposite sex and literally walking in another's shoes. Mr. Bushore kept an intriguing balance between the humor and horrors and I enjoyed it. Not everyone will find it to their taste but I give it four flames because it was an interesting book and those aren't always easy to find.

Rating: 4 flames
Heat Level: Spicy Erotic
Other: some gender confusion that boarders m/m & f/f
Reviewer: Steph B

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