Thursday, September 24, 2009

Illicit Hunger by Dee Carney

Title: Illicit Hunger

Author: Dee Carney

Publisher: Liquid Silver Books

Date: 2009

ISBN: 978-1-59578-573-2

Genre/Theme: Paranormal

Length:61 pages

Review: If anyone should know, a Prima Lux vampire, heir to her father’s throne, should know. Werewolves make great servants and pretty good bodyguards, but that’s it. One doesn’t feed off them or, heaven forbid, fall in love with them. But that’s just what’s happening between Lia and Jericho in this story, and between their taboo love and the assassination attempts going on in the background, things don’t look good for any kind of happily ever after. Are we looking at another Romeo and Juliet incident??

This was a nice little fast moving story. I was worried about what would happen in then end, with all the action going on around Lia and Jericho. There were a few nice spicy scenes that illustrated just how hot things can be between two people who really want each other. I’d recommend this story for a nice sultry afternoon.

Rating: 4 whips

Heat Level: Spicy

Other: inter-paranormal relationships
Reviewer: Sky

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