Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Familiar Strangers by Allie Standifer

Title: Familiar Strangers
Author: Allie Standifer
Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Pub Date: 2008 PRINT
ISBN 1-60154-084-1
Genre: Paranormal romance
Length: 268

Review:Old souls, Regin and Gavin don't know what they are missing until they findeach other. Regin is on the run from a serial killer who nearly murdered heryears earlier. Gavin is a friend of a friend who agrees to watch out for Reginwhile she is on her latest research tour. Deep in the Louisiana bayou, memoriesbegin to return to each of them; tragic and terrifying for Regin, eye openingand longing-filled for Gavin. When the serial killer gets close and peoplestart to die, Regin will have to remember her past lives if any of them are to survive the ancient evil that pursues.

I love when paranormal weaves well into life as we can imagine and Ms. Stadiferdoes that with Familiar Strangers. Gavin is the sort of dominant, strong,aggravating man that warms me right up and every scene with him in it was great.Unfortunately when he's not present the filling got a little slow for me. Iloved the supporting characters, Caprice, Damon and Lee were all veryinteresting in their own rights. The villains were dark and scary which isalways huge in a paranormal of any kind. I give Familiar Strangers four flames.It's an interesting read I think most people will enjoy it.
Rating: 4 flames
Heat Level: Spicy
Reviewer: StephB

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