Saturday, September 26, 2009

Thistle Dew by ALee Drake

Thistle Dew

ALee Drake

The Wild Rose Press

Fantasy Faery Rosebud

Page Count: 184

ISBN: 1-60154-643- 2

Release Date: 6-26-2009

Price: 4.50

Sage Winters is the owner of an Adirondack bed and breakfast aptly named Thistle Dew by her late husband, Eric. She is a strong woman, not only successful in her business but as a mother. Although she tries to be loyal to her love for Eric, frequent guest and author Hawke is so irresistible that he catches her eye and eventually her heart. Sage is an overprotective mother who reluctantly learns to rely on others at a time of crisis.

Hawke, a shy, reclusive best selling author, steps up to the plate as hero when Sage's daughter, Pia is missing and any clues to her whereabouts have been buried during a blizzard. He learns to trust his intuitive voice and finds Pia via dreams and eerie signs.

And it is Eric, in spirit, who is not always angelic, but intercedes and intervenes to keep his ‘girls’ safe. He not only shows Hawke where to find Pia but encourages Sage to open her heart and love again.

Ms. Drake launches us into the warm and enticing world of the Thistle Dew Inn with an expert's touch. Her writing features wonderful descriptives that fully engages us in the atmosphere of the story and its characters. Hawke is an impressive hero – kind hearted and protective, a book nerd with a touch of Harley Davidson sex appeal – what's not to love?! Sage, meanwhile, is a tender and completely appealing heroine. She's a devoted mother, a consummate hostess, and Hawke's perfect allure.

In fact if I have one quibble with this book it's that the development of Sage and Hawke's relationship felt a bit uneven to me. I found myself longing for more direct interaction and development between them through the first half of the book. Much seems to happen internally and off stage rather than in direct, one-on-one interaction. These are two deserving characters. I wanted to see more of their growth and interaction so I'd be even more invested in the outcome.The second half of the book is a total thrill ride – Sage and her daughter Pia (who have the most wonderful, heart-stealing rapport) face an enormous challenge, and Hawke's caring heart and devotion helps them pave the way through the difficulties presented and leaves the reader a happy and much longed for resolution.
Kudos, Ms. Drake – when can I visit the Thistle Dew Inn??

Rating: 4 Flames

Heat Level: Light Sensuality
Other: N/A

Reviewer: Minnie

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