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Ghostly Ménage by Alysha Eillis

Title: Ghostly Ménage

Author: Alysha Eillis

Publisher: Eternal Press

Published date: August 2008

ISBN: 9781897559284

Genre/Theme: Paranormal Erotica

Length: 39 pages

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Kelsie doesn't believe in ghosts. So why is she camped out at her elderly aunt Maud's house to take part in an exorcism? Maud hasn't let a man in the house for forty years, which leaves Kelsie at a loss to explain the smell of hot male and the most erotic dreams of her life that overtake her the instant she arrives.After one particularly tasty midnight encounter, Kelsie awakes to a vision that is not hard to swallow at all: three gorgeous, naked and very eager hunks standing at the end of her bed. The good news is they want to fulfill her every erotic fantasy. The weird news is they're ghosts! Now it's up to Kelsie to thwart the exorcist and secure a lifetime's supply of hard spirits.I loved this book! It excited me from the beginning to the end.

It’s a short read that is living out every fantasy women have. Kelsie gets a chance to explore her sexuality and what her desires are. She’s even surprised at herself with some of them. She’s a strong character. For someone to say this book is strictly sex they would be sadly mistaken. There is a log going on that doesn’t have to do with sex. Kelsie has to please her aunt and make her feel at ease with the home so that the exorcist won’t get rid of her ghosts. If you’re a fan of paranormal or erotica tales than this story will blow you away!

Rating: 4 Whips

Heat Level: Explicit

Other: m/f/m, m/m/m/f, anal play

Reviewer: Bella Wolfe

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