Saturday, September 26, 2009

Eternal Triagnel by Ann Jacobs

Title: Eternal Triangle
Author: Ann Jacobs
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Published date: August, 2009
ISBN: 9781419922732
Genre/Theme: Paranormal Menage BDSM
Length: 51 pages
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Chad LaLanne, a mortal Master who can't provide his newly made vampire slave's only sustenance. Philippe d'Argent, a lonely vampire submissive who needs another loving Master to make him whole. Katie, newly made vampire who needs her mortal Master…but also a vampire male to protect and sustain her.With the vibrant and mysterious bayous of Cajun Country as the backdrop, the three begin an intense ménage—a time of testing, of exploration, leading to the breaking of the physical taboos of one and the emotional surrender of another. And ultimately, learning to trust another, when those they hold most dear are at risk. Theirs is a relationship born of need, sustained by love…and bonded into an eternal triangle when the Master joins his lovers in their shadow world, where all manner of relationships can thrive without prejudice or shame.
I enjoyed this book, it was highly erotic, well-written but with just enough romantic elements that I crave to make a story succeed for me. I especially enjoyed the character building of the males, Chad and Philippe, their emotions and personalities were both believable and sensual. Chad had issues that his mortality would forever chain him to and Philippe came into the story damaged but willing to start a new life as both a submissive to Chad and companion/protector to Katie. My only regret was that Chad’s transition from mortality to vampirism was glossed over. For me, it’s all about the details. I know this book is part of a series so perhaps the author went into greater detail about this transitioning elsewhere. Regardless, this was a emotional, sensual read and didn’t disappoint.

Rating: 4 Whips
Heat Level: Erotic
Other: m/f/m, anal play, oral sex, BDSM

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